Thank you for all that you have done for my son and for being the first to give me an insight into the source of his back/neck pain. You were the first to inform me about his tension the moment you touched him and the concept that there may be overall tension in his body. He is mostly pain free.
We thank you immensely for being there and bringing us to the last step in his therapy. We wish you continued success with all your patients,
-E. Sendrovitz
I came to Doron with a terrible sciatica condition. Besides his very effective acupuncture treatments he also gave me stretching and core strengthening exercises to avoid further problems. Thanks to him I am now pain and discomfort free.

He also referred me to a personal trainer and nutritionist, both colleagues of his, who were very helpful in improving my general health; I’ve never felt better! He even provided assistance with work-related fatigue and stress issues. I’m impressed with Doron’s level of caring and holistic approach to a patient’s health, and am so happy that I found him!
I have known Doron for almost a decade. He truly cares for his patients and has a rare and exceptional passion for the practice of medicine in general. I can recommend him without hesitation.
-Dr Sina Khasani,Neurology,Maimonides Medical Center
The treatment you've been giving me since my left knee surgery has been incredible and I'm recovering at a fast pace. I started the treatment in October with 3 visits per week and with the great care I'm doing much better. Thanks for the amazing therapy .
-Anthony Vails
"I was hesitant starting with acupuncture but I now understand it's not the modality given, its the provider. Thank you Doron for helping me with tremors, neck pain, hip pain and knee pain. These were the best treatments I ever received." ​
-Emmitt Spears.
Doron Ben-Dov helped get rid of my plantar fasciitis. After several treatments and following just a couple of the exercises Doron prescribed, my plantar fasciitis completely disappeared.

That was over a year ago, and I have yet to see the return of it. Doron knew the right areas to target and was able to do so without any discomfort that I had been anticipating prior to treatment. I highly recommend Doron for his well thought out treatment plans, the convenience of being seen in my home, and most importantly the skill that Doron brings to his craft.
Doron makes you feel at ease when you first meet. He’s caring, kind, accommodating & patient. He goes out of his way to make you feel comfortable while working with you & he listens to you. He doesn’t rush you through the appointment. He has helped me tremendously since I’ve met him, he’s truly been a blessing! .
Diane B
Doron made a significant change in my health, energy level, and general feeling of wellbeing. The dietary help was important to get control of my weight and blood sugar. Doron helped to get my back and knee pain under control, which were very debilitating.

I had previously been unable to exercise as I had been accustomed to. The all-around approach to health and wellbeing was very helpful to me.
Doron has a calling for academia.I believe he is a great asset to both patients and colleagues. His sensitivity, his curiosity, his native intelligence and his strong work ethic are all strong qualities of Doron's. I strongly urge you to meet Doron and decide for yourself. ​
-Steven R. Cohen, MD, MPH, Professor and Chief of Dermatology​, Montefiore Medical Center
As an athlete, full recovery from an injury and returning to optimal performance was my primary goal when working with Doron Bendov. Acupuncture has been an incredibly effective form of treatment for me as a patient and as an athlete. My results following treatments with Doron were rapid and long lasting, including inflammation reduction, muscle relaxation, reduction of scar tissue, as well as pain management and reduction, migraine/headache suppression, and sleep regulation. Following my 10 months of acupuncture treatment on my knee and ankle, including the supporting structures of the joints, I have returned to work as a personal trainer and to the sport of competitive bodybuilding. I have full range of motion, flexibility, and mobility, all without pain, swelling, or stiffness.

Dr. Bendov is an amazing practitioner who is knowledgeable and passionate about his profession, providing patients with the best treatment techniques as well as educating patients on what each treatment session will entail and result in.
I enjoyed receiving acupuncture treatments as they were a staple in my rehabilitation program. With the knowledge and skills of Doron acupuncture has improved my quality of life and will continue to be a part of my recovery regimen.
Bianca Juste,Bodybuilder