Doron Ben-Dov MS, LAC, CPT

Doron Ben Dov is a partner at Baltimore pain management He is a licensed acupuncturist, an integrative pain medicine provider with a specific interest in treating and researching inflammatory conditions. He typically uses methods from integrative and functional medicine to address complex cases.

He has a unique educational background that includes a degree in Acupuncture medicine, additional Physical therapy training, and research experience. He holds a Master of Science degree in Chinese Medicine from the Pacific College of Integrative Medicine. Doron has supplemented his acupuncture education with training in the field of physical therapy at Long Island university. He has research experience as well in pain medicine.

He formed research collaborations with the Montefiore medical center and Maimonides hospital. He is currently a faculty member of Virginia University of Integrative Medicine. Please check for additional info at the Baltimore Pain website


Dr Sina Khasani,

I have known Doron for almost a decade. He truly cares for his patients and has a rare and exceptional passion for the practice of medicine in general. I can recommend him without hesitation.

L. kellman

Doron made a significant change in my health, energy level, and general feeling of wellbeing. The dietary help was  important to get control of my weight and blood sugar. Doron helped to get my back and knee pain under control, which were very debilitating. I had previously been unable to exercise as I had been accustomed to. The all-around approach to health and wellbeing was very helpful to me.