Natural Therapeutic Injections

Cutting-edge natural therapeutic injections are a safe and alternative way to replace or complement steroid injections (please see relevant studies below). We use botanical extracts such as Traumeel to reduce inflammation, decrease pain and assist with optimal recovery. Traumeel is primarily composed of Arnica Montana root, a plant extract that is commonly found in tablets and creams to relieve pain and inflammation. In addition, we use a method called Prolotherapy (relevant studies below). Prolotherapy is a subtle method of injecting dextrose (a sugar solution) to a wide variety of inflammatory conditions that do not typically respond to conventional care.
Common conditions assisted by Traumeel injections are the following:
· Chronic joint pain
· Chronic lower back pain
· Post surgical pain
· Bursitis
· Minor arthritis
· Sports injuries
· Trauma
· Ligament, tendon and muscle tears
· Sprains and strains
· Tendinitis
· Knee pain
Prolotherapy: This is the injection of dextrose or glucose to stimulate the production of growth factors. Dextrose supports the body in producing connective tissue growth factors which play key role in tissue repair mechanism. Dextrose injections are typically given in ligaments and attachment sites.

Prolotherapy is effective at treating efficiently the following conditions:
· Shoulder, Hip, Neck, Back and Knee pain
· TMJ pain
· Arthritis and Osteoarthritis
· Sports injuries
· Unstable joints
· Chronic conditions